Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally Somethings look good!

My brugmansia has been trending downhill for over two years now. Something keeps sucking it dry. I managed to keep it alive but not much more by spraying it when I spray the roses. When I finally discovered that spider mites were destroying the roses this year, I treated the brugmansia as well and look at the result. The first leaves after treatment were quilted even though they were green and healthy and the second phase of leaves look like they should, green and smooth. No flowers or buds yet but with growth like this I am optomistic that I will see it covered before winter arrives.
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Monday, September 07, 2009

It can't get worse.

Despite a mild summer, my garden has gone to pot. This year I discover I have spider mites - never a problem before. They hit all the roses except Mutabilis and nearly wiped out my new bedding roses in their first year. I got some stuff that is supposed to kill them systemically. I can't really tell if they are dead yet but there are healthy stalks that give me hope. Never got a tomato or a zuchini from my raised bed. Only green beans - and they were very good. Everything in the bed is dying with some kind of white stuff - well the tomatoes are not dying - not that it makes any difference.
Well, moving right along. Maybe I have learned something and next year will be better.
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