Sunday, June 08, 2008


Another of my new roses showing off a bit. She is in a pot and just flopping over the edge but I see a promise of a nice display of golden-apricot rosettes when it builds up some more wood.

I seem to have burned out three of the four new roses planted in the ground. Too much fertilizer, too soon. I thought I had waited long enough (maybe six weeks after planting) but clearly not. I am hoping that they will come back from the roots (I only plant own-root roses) but I am not expecting much.

Cleaning up my work areas to keep my wife happy and potting up the rest of the plants I bought last weekend. I still have two salvias and a gaura. They will have to wait until tomorrow. Last week I planted green beans and watermelons and today the beans are coming up.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


This cactus has been with me for over thirty years since our first apartment in West LA. We called it a penthouse but it was more like a trailer on the roof of an apartment building. My cactuses clustered near the slider that was the entrance because it was southfacing. They came with us as we moved to the beach, the peninsula and now to the foothills.

I repotted and broke apart a large plant this spring. This is the piece that is on the back patio. The two pots in the courtyard won't be blooming for a while yet.

I love the ethereal quality of these flowers. I don't like the fact that they only last one day.
This one only has the two buds so after this weekend, no more flowers.