Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's in my garden

Not much beauty today. Buds are bulging. Leaves are growing but the early daffodils are fading and the later ones still sprouting. Last year I remember lots of crocus by now. This year just these tiny ones. They are gorgeous however.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Bad

Last year I got carried away at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and bought some tropicals like this Epidendron. I meant to bring it in before it got really cold but good intentions have a way of going bad. Anyway when I finally brought it in it was mostly black with just a few green leaves. I pruned off the dead growth and found green stems and the few leaves you see.

Will it come back? Stay tuned.

What's in my garden

Bumper crop of lemons this year on my dwarf lemon tree. Lemons are happy in the foothills. It’s too bad they ripen all at once and in the winter to boot. They hold on pretty well but by summer lemonade time they are past their prime.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

In my garden

I've talked about my cymbidiums and their struggle in the north. This one has been my best performer both down south and up here. These buds popped up before Christmas and developed through some near freezing nights. I thought this was the only plant but I find I have two more with budstalks. One is the same variety and the other is one I got from helping someone repot orchids from her mothers San Francisco garden.

More later because there is not much else going on garden wise.