Thursday, February 05, 2009

In my garden

I've talked about my cymbidiums and their struggle in the north. This one has been my best performer both down south and up here. These buds popped up before Christmas and developed through some near freezing nights. I thought this was the only plant but I find I have two more with budstalks. One is the same variety and the other is one I got from helping someone repot orchids from her mothers San Francisco garden.

More later because there is not much else going on garden wise.


Katie said...

I've LOVED cymbidiums since I saw 'em in Sunset about a decade ago. Wish I had some!

Glad these are doing well.

Ralph said...

I will be dividing and repotting early this summer. You can have one if you like.

Katie said...

Ralph - That is really awesome and kind of you. I am definitely interested. Stop by and leave me a comment/email me when this occurs. Thank you!