Sunday, June 08, 2008


Another of my new roses showing off a bit. She is in a pot and just flopping over the edge but I see a promise of a nice display of golden-apricot rosettes when it builds up some more wood.

I seem to have burned out three of the four new roses planted in the ground. Too much fertilizer, too soon. I thought I had waited long enough (maybe six weeks after planting) but clearly not. I am hoping that they will come back from the roots (I only plant own-root roses) but I am not expecting much.

Cleaning up my work areas to keep my wife happy and potting up the rest of the plants I bought last weekend. I still have two salvias and a gaura. They will have to wait until tomorrow. Last week I planted green beans and watermelons and today the beans are coming up.


Julie said...

This is a lovely rose! The color is so soft! Sorry about your loses with the other ones. I planted wax beans about 2 weeks ago and have 21 plants coming up now!!! I hope they do something magnificent!!! Yours too!

Ralph said...

Thanks. I have been otherwise occupied but will update soon.