Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two More Arilbred Iris

Both are gorgeous but only one is unmistakenly an arilbred. 'Suspect' on top shows beautiful color. I thought maybe it would be deep blue from the buds but you can see that the falls are red that is nearly black with maybe a bit of aril shading with a golden apricot color in the upright petals. It has two stalks with two large blooms each (one had three but I foolishly knocked off the top one while planting some bulbs next to it.

The flower on the bottom is 'Oyez ' which is a very popular Arilbred and you can see why from the picture. It has the domed shape of the uprights and the smaller circular falls with both sporting the aril tracings overlaying the basic pick and cream color. This plant, when I received it last fall appeared shriveled and dead with only a patch of green on one leaf. I put it is a pot to nurse it along (spraying it with Ultraboost) until it was big enough to plant just this spring. I didn't expect it to bloom but it put out a stalk with one bud which became the beauty in the picture. I can't wait until next year.

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Julie said...

These surely are beautiful blooms!