Sunday, May 11, 2008

View from the Baclyard

When you leave our house to enter the backyard, you see the slope which is on the way (in it's fifth year) of becoming a tapestry of various greens and textures. Walking out, you enter a covered area which frames the hillside between the columns. The neighbors to the rear are currently visible but as the plants grow to full size, the one story house will be hidden.
The third picture is from our outdoor sitting area looking north and the final picture is of the north end of the slope where one of the three maples is beginning to create some shade


Julie said...

On your side bar you talk about finding the goodlife there...I think you are living it now!!! This is a beautiful bank of wonderfulness!

Ralph said...

Thanks. I guess I need to stop and smell the roses.

Pam/Digging said...

That is quite a slope you garden on. It's got to be a great opportunity to display your plants, especially as it's visible from your house.

I can't help wondering about the drainage during rainstorms. Runoff is a big issue here in Austin. Where have you directed the water that comes down the slope?

Ralph said...

Interesting question. Rain just seems to sink into the rocks rather than running off the slope. The big problem is that there is water that just bubbles up at one or two spots on the slope. This means that places are continually soggy. Where the dry creekbed in the bottom picture is was a soggy wetland (Don't tell the EPA). We had a contractor put drainage pipes to carry the water to a line which goes to the front yard. Then we had to harrange the HOM to connect the pipe to the stormdrain to get rid of the excess water there. Right now, it's pretty much not a problem.

No Rain said...

The slope is beautiful now, but should be spectacular when grown in. Some of the most beautiful gardens I've seen have made good use of slopes and other elements that can be intimidating, but also wonderful.