Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's blooming now.

The weather is cooling down. Plants are less stressed and just maybe some nice fall blooms are on the way. For now, this is what I found this morning.

The rain lilies have been blooming for over a month. They come and go quickly however and catching them has been a praoblem. Today I dound a nice white one.

Next is the mandevillea. This was an impulse buy in July to help fill the trellis which has been bare all year. This is the first of the blooms since I planted it. It seems happy mow but may not survive the winter.

Making her first blog appearance is Mmc. Cecile Brunner, looking the best for this year. She is still tiny but I am hoping in time she will make the 3 feet promised in the catalogue.

And finally, crocosmia. This is the third year I have tried to grow them and finally they are taking hold and appearing happy. I have several clumps established from bulbs planted in late spring. They were a long time coming up and once up I wondered if they would bloom. Now I am just enjoying their exuberance.

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Julie said...

Nice colors, for sure!