Thursday, April 02, 2009

Put a Tiger in Your Tank, Pam

Pam Penick, Gardener, Designer and Blogger extraordinaire uses stock tanks in her landscapes, both as water gardens and planters to raise her plants to higher levels. It was an inspiration to me as I looked to find a container for a water lily last year (there is a story there but let's save it for later). Anyway in my daily web browsing, I found this lovely pool and since it's an idea that not even Pam has incorporated into her garden, I want to share it with her. I love it when I can reciprocate.


Pam/Digging said...

That gave me a fright! I thought there were plants in there at first glance (such a small photo) until I leaned in for a closer look. Too funny, Ralph. I hope you'll save that idea for the circus. But I did just visit your other post and am glad you found an equestrian store and a tank for your water lily. Now go plant some Bengal tiger cannas instead of real Bengals.

Ralph said...

First I have to convince my wife that stock tubs are beautiful.