Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Flowers

Some pretty flowers this month. The garden isn't spectacular as a whole. The roses are past their first blooms and the rest arn't enough to catch the eye.

Still, I have some beauties. The first is an alstoemeria (I think I got that right). I have always wanted one but the ones at the nursery cost an arm and a leg and usually the colors are muddy so I never bought one until this year at the SFGS. It is gorgeous. I just hope that I can grow it when it gets hotter (and if if will survive the winter).

Next is my brugmansia. It is starting to look good but I always have trouble them when it gets hotter.

Verbenia bonariensis grows beautifully for me and make a pretty airy presence wherever I plant it. It also reseeds happily and every year I have more plants. (It survives the winters just fine)

Then the small white bedding zinnias. They were great last year and starting off fine now.

And finally my red daylily.


Katie said...

I about had a heart attack when I saw alstroemeria's price at the nursery. It just seemed illegally high.

Ralph said...

Get this one from Digging Dog.