Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Laura Engages

Bill at Palosverdesblog has picked up on Laura who has commented on his items. While I am more in tune with Bills perspective than Laura's, I very much appreciate having her engage in the dialogue. She contributed some perspective to my comments on development in my community and without involved citizens with her concerns and issues, somebody might try to build LA in the foothills she loves. Even with the strange attraction that LA still has for me, I don' t think we need another one.
But back to the point, I work with some liberals and they are by and large wonderful, compassionate human beings whom I respect both professionally and personally. They don't see our current war as one to protect our traditions, culture and civilization, all of which are threatened by muslim fanatics with oil money.
From my perspective they are like a mother who has a child that is bullied at school and is trusting the school officials to come down hard on the bully. She tells the child not to fight back and he gets beat up. In an ideal world, no child should have to deal with bullies. Unfortulately, the world I grew up in was not ideal and the world we have now is not ideal either.
The liberal ideas do put us as a nation and civilization at risk. If only Laura could see our country as worthy of her vigilant defence as she does the open space and nature she loves and defends. Or help us to understand how we can stop these fanatics who kill civilians with pleasure by making nice.

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Bill Lama said...

The difference of philosophy about war is, I think, the most severe divide in the country today. I was a liberal Democrat for most of my adult life. I first voted for Kennedy and continued through Gore! But Democrats used to believe in freedom and FDR, Truman, Kennedy and even Johnson were willing to fight tyrany around the world. Something happened to the Democrats and liberals during the Vietnam war. They lost their idealism and willingness to fight. They no longer can be trusted to defend our nation.