Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Liberals and Conservatives can be friends

Laura who recently commented on Palosverdesblog with a lberal perspective contributed to my post on the wilderness in transition where I am adapting after years in LA. Although her politics may be liberal, I think I would be stereotyping to call her preference for rural, less populated environs liberal.
There are surely conservatives that share her feelings. I would like the opportunity for a rural existance but must compromise because I have to find someone willing to pay me within reasonable proximity to the best living environment I can find. I am willing to accept planned development and onerous owners associations as acceptable compromises - at least for now.
The remaining Sierra foothills look mighty open to me. I don't mind Laura and others with her keeping an eye on things and calling attention to unneccessary and ugly developments. I don't want the foothills paved over either.

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Bill Lama said...

Surely love of nature is bipartisan. But liberals tend to prefer dense housing developments, multi-family units, with work and stores close by and public transportation. Everything else is left untouched. Liberals love cities. Conservatives prefer single family housing with sizable lots, good roads and personal transportation. Shopping should be close by and work too if possible. They don't mind planned open space and they respect the preferences of some for motor sports, etc. Conservatives like suburbs and exerbs.