Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hugh Poses a Question

Hugh Hewitt wonders if the courts have pushed too far. RadioBlogger provides the transcript.
HH: Now gentlemen, I want to pose the big question. You each get about a minute and a half. I believe we're entering into an era of extraordinary payback to the federal courts and the state courts because they've overreached. They have overreached by citing foreign law. They have overreached by overturning marriage. They have overreached by ignoring Congress. They have overreached and people are ticked. John Eastman, are we in an era similar to that, that led to the court packing plan of FDR?

Both smart guys finessed the question. I think when the facts of the Terri Schiavo case are revealed and if the suggestions of her husband's contribution to her brain damage are found true, there will be a revolt against court tyranny. I can't help but be fixated by Terri's case just now but I think that when it is over there will be much reflection about courts and judges and why they stand against the will of the people.

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