Thursday, March 31, 2005

Out! Out! Damn Spot. (Blogspot that is)

I don't know what Blogspot's problem may be but I am getting pretty fed up with losing posts and getting website not available messages. I just left 5 messages on a post - thinking that the error meant that the comment was not recorded. And, of course, they did not show up for 30 minutes. Since I just stumbled into blogspot through propinquity, I have no vested interest in sticking but I am so green to blogging that I don't even know the alternatives. What's a frustrated newby blogger to do? Help, anyone?


Bill Lama said...

Hey Ralph,
I too suffer a bit with Blogger but don't know any better. Maybe Google will get the bugs out. I can't complain since it's a free lunch. Do you pay the fee? for advanced features?

Having a tough time concentrating lately with the Schiavo travesty, John Paul II dying, and arguing with the Library heirarchy about filtering internet porn. I'm depressed.

Will try to get back in the game tomorrow.

Your blogger friend,

Stephen M. St. Onge said...

      Ralph, I'm not sure any of the hosting sites are much better.

      I to have learned that when Blogger says 'An error occured,' the best thing to do is nothing for a while.

      Meanwhile, I have a file of the html from my posts.  If I ever decide to move, I can just cut and paste, and recreate my whole blog.  But for now, I stick with Blogger, because it's free, and because I'm used to it.

      Btw, if you think you're suffering ocean deprivation up in the mountains, think what it's like for me, here in Minnesota!  I want the Pacific back.

Steve, ex-Orange County Resident

Anonymous said...

FWIW the site runs on LunarPages basic $7.95 a month plan.

Setting up WordPress software was fairly automated, but you might have to be a little bit of a computer-head to go with that kind of plan.