Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Senate Rant

I keep waiting – and waiting – and waiting.. for resolution on the judicial appointments front. Perhaps all this strategery is necessary for the Senate process but I am getting pretty cynical I have some problems with Bush (principally in the way he attempts to co-opt Democrat programs by drowning them in money (Education, Medicare drugs come to mind) but the man has principle and resolve and I can, at least, manage to believe that he feels that he must move in those areas to keep his entire agenda moving.

The Senate Republicans are a completely different kettle of fish. They are unmoved by principle (other than collegiality), the Republican Party Platform, their president and unwilling to accept leadership. Daily I read about Republican senators who rationalize away from doing the deed and stopping the judicial filibusters. If I could discern any principle in their arguments, I might be able to respect them as mavericks but there isn’t any. They are wimps, plain and simple. They have always managed their political careers by going along and they don’t know anything different to do. (I exclude the egomaniacal McCain. He is in a class by himself and deserves a special place in Hell.)

It isn’t surprising that Senators make such lousy Presidential candidates. They don’t have an agenda. They don’t get critical questions. They aren’t held accountable. And they think they matter. It’s time for a day of reckoning for those that refuse to support the President here.

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