Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ralph Nader Calls for Impeachment

Ralph Nader argues that lies and misrepresentation by the Bush administration have pushed the US into an illegal war which has created a recruiting bonanza for terrorists and a quagmire for our troops.
It is interesting that nothing we have learned about the oil for food scandal involving UN officials and European leaders affects this thinking which has not changed from the time the war began.
Everyon but the Iraqi prople were getting rich and looking the other way. Sadam refused to comply with UN orders which is exactly the behavior which suggests that he had or intended to make weapons.
That flow of money is now stopped. There were free elections in Iraq and there is an emerging government with ever improving power to manage its own affairs. Terrorists are engaging in Iraq and not here.
Nader is still clinging to the old saw that Bush had reason to know that there were no weapons of mass destruction and therefor lied. It never made sense except to Michael Moore and it won't wash now.

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