Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thomas Sowell on Extremist Judges

Thomas Sowell has some thoughts about 'mainstream' judges. The standard has been so eroded that mainstream is now 'touchy-feely' positions favored by liberal partisans. Those who want to restore the literal interpretation of the constitution are now regarded as extremists.

The reason it matters enormously is that, over the past half century or so, many judges have gone beyond their judicial roles to impose their own policy preferences. Since these kinds of judges have almost invariably imposed policies favored by liberals, they have been cheered on -- not only by liberal politicians, but also by most of the media, the law schools and the intelligentsia.

Any judge who might restore the Constitution by overturning some liberal precedents is now called an "extremist" or an "activist" -- even by liberals who had cheered on liberal judges when they overturned previous precedents.

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