Saturday, August 05, 2006

Chaffee Can Offer Only One Thing to RI Republicans

From Anchor Rising, more background and this quote:

The continual pounding of the message that only Senator Chafee can beat Whitehouse leaves the impression that all Chafee has to offer is that he can hold the seat for the GOP. "Vote against Laffey, not for Chafee." I'm not sure if this pragmatic approach is appealing enough to the more ideologically minded GOP primary voter. And I'm not sure if it does much to help Sen. Chafee as far as laying groundwork should he win the primary and have to face Whitehouse. By leaning so heavy on the anti-Laffey tactic, he isn't giving many reasons for the General election voter to support him. It's a tough spot.

Maybe this suggests that Chaffee is in trouble. If he loses the primary, the seat will probably go Democrat. Given the damage Chaffee has done the Rpublican agenda, I would say a Dmeocrat win that takes out Chaffee is a win for Repbulicans.

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