Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chaffee vs, Laffey redux

If Lincoln Chafee has one thing going for him in his upcoming primary, it's fear--and don't think this perennial thorn in the GOP's side doesn't know it. In a recent debate against his more conservative primary challenger, he made the choice clear to voters: "Who can win in November?"

In a WSJ piece today an analysis of the issues and prospects for Chaffee in his primary bid for reelection. Kimberley Strassel thinks that RI republicans are struggling with voting for Chaffee and holding on to a Republican Senate seat or voting for Laffey and losing the election to a Democrat If her observations hold, we might just see RI Republicans jetison the RINO.

GOP voters, frustrated by Washington earmarking, scandal and obstructionism, may have decided their particular breed of Republicans just aren't worth the trouble.

That's the mood up here in Rhode Island, where I heard the phrase "We might as well have a Democrat" so many times I quit writing it down.

I hope she is right because with friends like Chaffee, we don't need enemies.

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