Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mexico is America's Enemy

John writes a letter to incumbants and challengers. Here is a sample.

The influx of illegal aliens is mostly from Mexico, a third world Socialist nation. Because of corruption, greed, and incompetence, Mexico is unable to feed, house, educate, and provide minimal health care to its citizens.

Rather than reforming the political and economic policies that make Mexico a failure, the elitist socialists there encourage their poor, uneducated peasants to migrate illegally to America.

They do so with the expectation that American wealth, provided by U.S.taxpayers, will be redistributed to the invading aliens who, in turn, will send billions of dollars back to Mexico each year.

Mexico's corrupt leaders also count on U.S. taxpayers to provide health care, education and other public services to millions of Mexican criminals that have been dumped illegally on the U.S. side of the border.

The rest here.

Don't you wish that politicians would face up to the truth here. Why is it that only the potbangers and kooks raise these issues.

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