Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What Can America learn from Bangladesh?

Ask Nobel Peace Prize winner MUHAMMAD YUNUS. He knows how to give a hand up.. not a hand out.

So at the risk of sounding presumptuous: What can the U.S. learn from Bangladesh about post-disaster economic recovery? Like many other countries, even Bangladeshis were quick with a handout after Katrina, giving the U.S. $1 million for the victims. But Americans might be surprised to learn that one of our most successful tools for rebuilding businesses is not government handouts, but rather, small loans packaged with practical business and social advice.

If, like me, you are sick of our government's policy of bailing out anyone and everyone when a disaster happens and hearing endless complaints from the recipients of these handouts for being too little, too late, you will find his suggestion appealing. Too bad our politicians wouldn't dream of handing out our money in a more responsible way.

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