Sunday, March 09, 2008

New Kids

I couldn't resist some new plants. I am a sucker for bromeliads despite a poor track record. Here (middle) is a Dyckia x 'Icicle seedling'. Beautiful color.

Next (bottom) Bilbergia nutans. It's not so spectacular but I think I can grow it and get some color on my patio during off season. And finally (top) Aloe lineata.

These little guys are my first order from Yucca Do and I am impressed. I have been browsing their online catalogue for a few years and finally succumbed.

I have long hoped to find a better landscape plan than agapanthus for my area. They look good in spring but in summer here they turn into crispy critters. Low growing aloes would give the same effect and survive the summers looking acceptable. I haven't yet determined if the dreaded landscape cops approve of aloes so, for now, my new guy will be in a pot.

Sorry for the strange labeling and layout. Who knew what blogger would do?


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Julie said...

Your blog is so beautiful...I am enjoying reading it! I love this Dyckia x 'Icicle seedling...I am assuming it is the sort of silver colored plant. GORGEOUS!!! I always thought aloes were so armour-like...but I am starting to have a soft spot for them! Maybe I need to visit Yucca DO !!!

Ralph said...

The dyckia is truely beautiful. It is like a nest of metal curls. I really love tree aloes but I can't have them here. Many are sensitive to wet winters and the cold.