Monday, March 24, 2008

Succulents From the Show

I usually cannot resist succulents and the plants for sale were choice. I kept eying the displays as I prowled the vendor floors, finally deciding that I had to take some home. After waiting in line to purchase, I was told that my plants totaled $25 and the minimum credit card purchase was $40. They would take checks but, of course, my checkbook was in the car. I asked the lady if she could put them aside while I got it but I knew that if I lugged all my purchases back to the car, I would never return. Then I saw the atm. Normally I will never use a private atm but otherwise these cuties would never be mine. So, risking identity theft, I replenished my cash and bought. Actually, now that I have all the plants home, I think these were my best purchase. But then, that's what I think today. Tomorrow will be a different story.

My new plants are from bottom left, Echeveria afterglow, top Euphoribia sticks on fire and finally on the right Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. I don't yet know what I will do with them. The little guy needs repotting but beyond that I need to put them someplace where I can admire them.
And if I need more, I know where to get them.


Julie said...

Hi! Nice selection of succulents!!! I love the thyrsiflora. Mine is all red in the south florida winter sun!!! It will change color out in full sun, and is a lot of fun! Enjoy!!!

Ralph said...

I am wondering how big it gets. The label is not specific and my Sunset Western Garden Guide doesn't list it.

Julie said...

I have seen them in pots as big as a foot high and around. Who knows, in the ground!!!