Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have tomatoes! Two of the three plants have green fruits.

So far so good!


Yolo Cowboy said...

I have a love-hate relationship with the red fruit. I love tomato sauce, salsa and catchup but I don't like sliced tomatoes on burgers or sandwiches. I used to live on 72 acres of class 1 soil and I leased the ground to a farmer who grew tomatoes. Not beefsteak but canning tomatoes.

The smell of a tomato field after harvest and before they disc it under is nasty.

Happy growing!

Ralph said...

Sorry to hear about your bad tomatoe experience. I lived 25 years on the coast in SoCal where tomatoes wouldn't start growing until August and wouldn't set fruit at all. I am therefore excited to actually be able to grow them in our inland heat. These are not too impressive but getting started is the big obstacle. Wait until next year.

Julie said...

Congrats...yours are looking GOOD! I want to come over there and pick them as they turn a perfect shade of red! LOL!!!

Ralph said...

The one on the right is just about ready. You will have to hurry.