Saturday, March 21, 2009

SF Flower and Garden Show

Yesterday I drove to San Mateo - the new venue for the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. This was my second year and although it is a fantastic show, it's like they say, The first time is always the best.

I don't know what to say about the difference. Driving another 30-45 minutes didn't help get me in a positive mood but I didn't like the venue very much. it is a newer building than the Cow Palace but very bland. The Sacramento Bee commented on the display gardens being set in the middle oft he vendors. They described it as distracting. And it was. I remembered that last year the gardens were located in an arena away from all the commercial activity. I thought they were dark and strange but they were more effective in their splended isolation than the bustling space this year next to the Sham-wow's this year.

I don't get off much with the gardens. They seem unreal and not very appealing. Mostly I like finding plants that I want although I do get ideas. This year the walls of plants were appealing. The first picture is from the Smith and Hawkin display with succulents making a wall. This one is probably the most possible one for me in the scorching foothill summers but the others are very attractive.

I found lots of plants that I liked in the sales area- mostly practical selections although I was seriously tempted by the tree peonies. More on the plants I brought back later. Last year I found a vendor selling coconut hull bricks for potting orchids and was hoping to get some more but I was disappointed. I guess I will be web-surfing.

I think I read that the operator of the show has found a buyer so there will be another next year and I will most probably go. I can't resist the opportunity to browse thousands of wonderful plants and take them home immediately.

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