Thursday, April 28, 2005

Judicial Activism Burnout

The passion, energy and anger from last week's fixation on ending the judicial filibusters in the Senate left me with severe blog-burnout. I had little ability to divert my attention to day-to-day issues or even enjoying the wonderful, concentrated bursts of clarity and information from my favorite blogs. Willisms was just too rich for my intellect until today and the fog is just starting to clear.

I don't seem to have the emotional control to focus on politics for long because, just like Ado Annie in Oklahoma, "With me, its all or nothing". When I do, I get crazy and feel frustrated. Then I crash-- and don't care.

Perhaps my frenzied focus last week has contributed to the appearance of resolve in the Republican Senate leadership. I hope so. But if I was not joined with many other people exerting the same pressure, my efforts would fall flat. I don't want to fall into the trap of believing that the battle is won until it is won but I really don't have the energy to spend here. I have been neglecting support for Arnold's reform petitions in California and can't even bear to think about trying to get the Senate to act on other important issues (Energy, Social Security, etc).

I guess I have for too long lived the American dream of voting every two years or so and letting the government alone in between. The result of my kind of voting is there for all to see in California where the government spends money we don't have on programs that have never worked and passes laws that would never be approved by the voters. I deserve the government I have and its up to me to take more responsibility. I have been a political slackard for so long now that I don't know if I am up to it.


Zsa Zsa said...

Ralph, is one of my favorite blogs too!...Don't get to frenzied about things that you get burnt out!...That is what the Libs. want us all to do!

Zsa Zsa said...

Ralph... I didn't mean to frenzied. I meant too frenzied! Sorry about that!

Ralph said...

Zsa Zsa,
Thanks for the encouragment. I'm better now but you are right that we have to perservere.