Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Letter to Fencesitting Senators

Dear Senator:

I urge you to support the Republican Party and your President by voting to change the rule permitting filibusters of judicial nominees. This is a crucial vote and one where you want to be seen on the right side.
You may wonder why you should be interested in the opinion of a voter from California who will probably never have the opportunity to support you in the voting booth. I will give you two very good reasons:
1. California Republicans have been very generous to Republican support groups which provide funds to Republican candidates throughout the country. We do so because we want a strong Republican majority in Congress. Now, that we have a mjority in the Senate, we are finding that a even a majority of Republicans cannot lead. I, and many others will stop making donations to any such organizations, if the Republican position is not approved next week. I will make contributions selectively and only to candidate who fully support Republican positions.
2. If you choose not to support the Republican party on this important issue, I will conclude that you have no place in the Senate and I will support with financial contributions any Republican challenger in the Primary and should you still be a condidate in the election, your Democrat oponent.
I cannot emphasize too much how important is the issue to the Republican base. A Republican majority is of no value if it cannot be trusted to support critical issues like this.
I look forward to your support on this issue.


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