Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tropical Plant Update

For anyone wondering how my tropical plants weathered the frost here in the foothills, I provide this summary:
Plumeria - All growing tips destroyed. I cut the stems back to live wood and am waiting for new sprouts. I don't believe that it will be possible for flowers to form before the cold weather starts, but stay tuned.
Cycads - small one appears completely dead. Large one has green leaves but the leaf generating center seems dead. The jury is still out.
Brugsmania - Survived nicely and has started growing.
Ficus elastica (rubber plant) needed pruning for growth tips but it sprouting.
Cymbidiums - survived. Two plants are blooming now - 3 to 4 months later than in So Cal. Summer will be a trial for them.
Epidendrums - Holding on.
Pikake - both plants seem dead. Perhaps they will sprout.
Some of the tender succulents are succumbing. Euphorbias particularly.
I will be devising new strategies for wintering the survivors. All I did this year was put them in the central entry courtyard.

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