Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Other Kaus

Unless you follow the Huffington Post, you may be just as surprised as I to learn that Mickey Kaus has a moonbat brother. He dismisses the recent Rasmussen Poll which says that a majority of Americans support support allowing the NSA to listen to conversations between terrorists abroad and people here because the question did not say "without a warrant". He then continues and references the warblogger Instapundit and other wingnuts.

He then proceeds to denigrate the President:

There undoubtedly is something to the point that people are happy to hear that Bush is doing anything, even somethibng illegal, to actually fight terrorism. Given the massive ineptitude of the Katrina effort, the documented disaster that is the Department of Homeland Security and the lack of any discernable security benefit from the war in Iraq, even an illegal effort could be seen as at least a sign of life.

Read the comments if you can stand it.

One sample:
Bunch of cowards you are, eager to sell your precious and hard-fought liberty because of a relatively minor tragedy.

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