Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Doolittle Under Attack

'Fellow Republicans' begins the full page ad in the El Dorado Hills Telegraph, the weekly newspaper covering local issues in idyllic El Dorado Hills. It continues,

' Our congressman John Doolittle's close relationship with Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay is embarrassing the good name of the GOP' Below the big print is a triangle connecting pictures of John, Jack and Tom with black arrow labeled Money, Influence and Access.

Allegations below the devils triangle list only one proven crime (that of Abramoff) and many supposedly incriminating but as yet unproven allegations of wrongdoing.

What is the point of this ad which I am sure is appearing in other local papers in Doolittle's district? I don't see any constuctive purpose. Links to Abramoff are being investsigated and we will know soon enough who has done wrong. At that time, if Doolittle is one of the wrongdoers, then I will no longer support him.

What I won't do now is automatically assume the worst. Nor will I accept the assumption that a trumped-up indictment of Delay is the same as a conviction as this ad assumes.

The ad is paid for by the Revolt of the Elders with an address in Redwood City which even a SoCal boy recognizes is not anywhere near Doolittle's district.

I don't know whether to interpret this as a Democrat dirty trick or a renegade action by a Republican challenger. It does bring to mind my recent telephone survey, however.
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