Friday, February 10, 2006

NRSC Failing The Party

Hello NRSC:
I am a native Rhode Islander (Newport) and I am appalled by the support that you are giving to Senator Chafee. What does it take to get support from you folks, total and complete disloyalty to the Republican President? Maybe the next thing you will do is send money and support to another one of President Bush's strongest supporters ------ Ted Kennedy? I have never been so totally disgusted by your fawning support and encourgement to someone as disloyal as Senator Chafee. He is a DEMOCRAT in Republican clothing.

Anchor Rising a Rhode Island blog dedicated to presenting a conservative perspective for the state. In a post expressing the frustration of Rhode Islanders about the NRSC negative ads against Steve Laffey (the more conservative challenger to Lincoln in the primary), he presents a few more comments. And today he posts Bill Frist's response to the question about spending money for Chaffee. If you still have any thoughts that Frist is the Senate leader we need, his response should disabuse you.

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