Monday, February 20, 2006

Red Line Saturday

Saturday in Los Angeles without once getting our car out of the hotel lot. First stop - Langers for breadfast. Now they do make breakfast at Langer's but since we had our dinner already committed and lunch not in our plans, I had to have pastrami (and it was fantastic). Chopped liver and egg for my wife, half of which I carried around for the rest of the day along with a loaf of rye bread to take back to Sacramento.
Red Line from Civic Center to Westlake/McArthur Park, then one block to Langer's. After breakfast, back to the Civic Center for MOCA and a big comic book exhibit (maybe it's art but it doesn't grab me) and the Disney Concert Hall. The Disney is a real triumph. Pictures trivialize it's impact. Even better than the facades are the interior spaces. They flow in wonderful ways. On our self-guided tour, there were hardly any people in the lobbey and circulation spaces, but you can imagine them being even more fantastic filled with people. The curved walls are designed to capture light and bring it down into the interior spaces and they work wonderfully. Even the fire exits provide spectacular panarama's of downtown LA and the hills. We couldn't see the concert hall because of a rehearsal. We will just have to get concert tickets next time. I never would have imagined that the interior structural elements are paneled with wood. The interior is warm and welcoming in contrast to the cool, reflective exterior. Disney was the high point of the day.
Back to the Civic Center station for a trip to Hollywood which still isn't ready for prime time. Probably the best thing to do there is attend a movie in one of the classic Hollywood theaters like the Egyptian, El Capitan or the Chinese.
So much for Hollywood, back to the Hollywood/Highland station to visit Universal City Walk. It's a good diversion for a few hours and now we never have to visit it again so back to the Red Line and Hollywood/Highland for dinner at Musso & Frank Grill. Classic old Hollywood ambence, an old fashioned menu and real waiters in a room that looks like it did 50 years ago.
Then back to the Red Line to the Civic Center and our hotel where we closed down the Karaoki Bar. But that's another story.

I love LA.

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