Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Garden Log - 1

So far this week we have had three days of sunshine, more consecutive days than we have seen for two months. The rainfall has been astronomical, setting records and filling rivers all over northern California. This is a good thing in many ways. Lots of water for cities and agriculture and generating electricity will be available this year.

But I was nearing the end of my rope. My wife has long wanted to move to Seattle, purely for the rain. I was able to talk her into Sacramento partly, at least, from the promise that it rained more in Sacramento than in LA. It does rain more here but the past two months have been ridiculous. We might just as well have moved to Seattle.

But the real point of this post is that it is the middle of April and I haven’t been able to plant anything in my yard.

This is the second summer for my immature landscaping. Last year I hesitated to plant because I wasn’t sure what a Sacramento summer in my yard would be like and what plants buy. I bought just a few plants and, in the fall, some bulbs. The plants are still there and will maybe have some presence this year but the bulbs were the only thing making the rain bearable. I will definitely do more next fall.

But this spring, I got ambitious about beefing up the rather sparse plantings around my back yard patch of grass. I carefully selected some plants and ordered asking for mid April delivery. Well, they arrived as specified and I was hoping for the opportunity to plant last weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate. Right now, my plants are sitting on the outdoor dining table waiting for the weekend and I am hoping that we don’t move quickly from Spring to Summer with a heat wave that will wipe them out before I get a chance to plant.

I want to get this project done because I still hope to create a tomato bed in time to grow tomatoes this year since homegrown tomatoes are so far the only benefit (garden-wise) of the move from coastal southern California to Sacramento.

Oh, by the way, the brugmansia seems to love Sacramento. Who knew?

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