Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Day Whine

My Illegal-free day.

How did I spend my May Day? I did not go to work but not in protest, only because it was my day off. I did not join with the illegals in their marches. I did not even listen to news or talk radio because I did not want to hear about illegals and their demands or listen to our worthless elected officials pander, waffle and evade responsibility.

Instead, I worked in the yard, playing catch-up with planting and cleaning deferred by the interminable rains over the past two months. It was a very good day. I accomplished some things which will make my yard more enjoyable this summer and felt good about it. I did not see or miss one illegal. Neither did I blog or read my usual blogs.

I did not think about the wretched state of our political leadership, the world crisis that is Iran and the campaign against victory in Iraq. I did not think about the arrogance and selfishness of Trent Lott, John McCain and the others. And I understand completely, the mindset of conservative voters who see no need to vote since a Republican majority seems to lose all sense of conservative values. I, too, no longer believe that a Republican majority will represent and support my conservative values. They have adequately demonstrated their total indifference to conservatives.

I will vote, but then I always have voted. I will vote Republican, but then I always have voted Republican (except for the 60’s while I worked through my college indoctrination). I think that there will be many conservatives who will not vote. What I won’t do is believe that it will make any difference. This is going to be a disastrous year for Republicans but it may be the only way to set this country right.

Somebody argue me out of this funk. PLEASE

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