Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where I Stand, sort of.

It was an exciting mail run on Friday. Requests for money from Yale and the President. Yale was easy. Yale admits Taliban - no money. Since the Yale President has not spoken, we have to assume yes, for now and toss the request.
The President's request was more difficult. I do support the President for the war and his judicial appointments. I am very frustrated, however, about the budget and border security which is totally out of control and for which he seems to have no concern.
So what do I do. In the form are these cute little stikers, much like the ones in the magazine sweepstakes. One says 'YES' and one says 'NO' to the question, "Can the President count on your support?" And under the 'NO' position, it says "I agree with Reid and Pelosi."
Well I don't agree with Reid and Pelosi but I also don't agree that the President is taking care of all the issues that are critical now and I don't believe that he is leading the country. So I said 'NO'.
That doesn't mean I won't change to yes sometime in the future, or that I think Democrats deserve any power but I certainly hope that there is some way to get the message to Republicans that I expect more than coruption and cowardice.
Am I being silly? Perhaps. Am I still in a blue funk? Absolutely. Will I listen to the President tomorrow? Of course. But it will take more than one speech to get me back to 'YES'.

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