Wednesday, February 02, 2005

LA Lights Landmark Bridge

Phoblographer provides this picture of the newly lighted Vincent Thomas Bridge. South Bay residents - particularly from San Pedro and Palos Verdes will welcome this event and appreciate what it took to eliminate all the obstacles placed in the way of this project. Scroll down to pick up the condescension about San Pedro from the LAT. If you have ever looked at a map of LA you will see that only by the thinnest threads can SP be considered part of LA - and how many residents would choose to remain part of LA given a chance.

Vincent Thomas Bridge 
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cd said...

It's part of the city because, legally, it's part of the city. Self-identiy-wise, we're faily Angeleno-ly as well.

As far as the question of how many would remain in LA given the choice - well, they had the choice. There was a movement to separate about the same time as the Valley made its move. Pedro failed as well - likely largely because of its failure to join with the Valley and Hollywood in one big back-scratching round robin that would've likely accumulated enough votes to spring all 3 districts.

Valley and Hollywood, however, were too busy to think strategically, however.

I was divided on the issue - I do have a certain amount of pride in being able to say I'm from Los Angeles and mean it (unlike other independent cities' use of us for geographic purposes).

Ralph said...

Personally, I never got the sense that SP residents saw much benefit in the LA association. Nor are they numerous enough to get much attention - other than through the Harbor Department. I hope the City follows through with the plans to renovate the Harborfront. SP has been treated like a stepchild.

Anonymous said...

At night, the VT bridge is pretty, but so is the harbor. During the day it's dungy. San Pedro is a neat place and could be attractive again if they fix up the waterfront. I know many people there and they don't see themselves as Los Angelinos.

I've been tutoring at the Boys & Girls club in SP. Great organization, even attracts Hill kids.