Thursday, February 10, 2005

No Cal Musings

Into the sixth month of full residence in NoCal (Full residence defined as having my wife and younger son living in our new house), I reflect on the differences here. The one that bugs me the most is the wimpy radio stations here. We live about 25 miles outside cental Sacramento and the AM station I prefer barely manages a signal as I near home. We only get Sacramento stations even though San Francisco is a mere 90 miles away. LA city is perhaps 100 miles from north to south and the radio stations serve the entire SoCal region. I had expected that Sacramento would be a portion of the San Francisco radio service area or would claim the attention of a wider geographic area. It's not that way. Sacramento is the big tomato for the county and apparently not much else and the bay area is a whole seperate thing.
So what is my complaint? I would like to have some radio stations that cover a big enough area to not lose signal in a normal drive. Sacramento stations should be strong enough to reach 50 or more miles from city center at a minimum.
When I used to do my weekly commutes from Sacramento to LA, SF Stations were never strong enough to reach either 99 or 5 and the only stations I could hold for more than an hour were Fresno and the amazing KFI from LA.
So there you are . NoCal is a community of small towns where SoCal is a mega community with a bunch of town nuggets woven into the urban tapestry. Maybe the normal expectation for travel up here is so short that the radio station range is irrelevant but to a conditioned SoCal person, it is offensive to have to find new radio stations every 30 miles.
So there are my first published musings about differences between NoCal and SoCal. I didn't promise to be profound and I think I succeeded.

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