Thursday, February 03, 2005

Watched the State of the Union Address with my son

I was surprised that my 20 year old son wanted to watch the State of the Union address last night. My wife deferred to her usual Court TV saying she didn't like bad news. (Feminine logic eludes me and I have learned enough to avoid judgmental statements - so just the facts here.)
He kept at me to stop my running commentary mostly reflecting when Democrats would stand up in support so I finally shut up. He caught me with tears in my eyes however when the parents of the dead soldier were recognized and the Iraqi lady exchanged a hug with the mother. Powerful stuff.
What are the Democrats thinking?


racerandlady said...

That's cool that you and your son could share something like that together. I used to be big into politics but i've mellowed down over the past summer. Im a HUGE republican though. I didnt get a chance to watch the address. I would like to hear your views on some subjects. Well take care

Ralph said...

Thanks for your comment. Watching with my son was a pleasure I was happy to shut up for. Stop by often. I ocasionally let my opinions out.

Anonymous said...

My son and daughter and I were watching together, only from different cities. Carolynne and John were conservative Republicans from the get-go, as soon as they understood politics. Took their parents decades to wise up. They are proud of us now.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula News printed my post ("We pray for you") about the Iraqi election. I got tons of positive feedback.

Keep up the good work,
Bill (palosverdesblog)