Friday, February 25, 2005

Merman to Frist - Vox Bloguli 2.2

Hugh asks bloggers what Civil War General should be the model for Frist to follow on judicial nominees. I say we have worked the McClellan approach pretty hard so why not try the Grant plan for this go round. How could it be worse? As for the contribution/retribution angle, how about contributing to Ethel for Senate. She may be dead but even dead she has more spirit than most republicans. Is Bush the only leader we have?

Ethel M Posted by Hello


Bill Lama said...

How about the Patton plan? Slap Harry silly and change the damn rule. It's only a rule, made by Senators for God's sake, not handed down from the mount on a tablet. Any rule that gets in the way of the Constitution needs to be obliterated. Then abolish several judgeships, starting with the morons on the 9th circuit who object to "under God."

Ralph said...

Good Point