Tuesday, February 22, 2005

SoCal NorCal

20 year old son has been decking up the vehicle we were forced to buy for him to drive to college after moving up here from LA. (The community we chose for its ambiance supports no local public transportation.) One of the things you notice about young men's vehicles up here is a tendency to post a NorCal sticker somewhere conspicuous. Of course, son's vehicle must sport a SoCal sticker so while we were down south, he obtained one and applied it to the windshield. No indication yet about how this will be received at school. Will there be gang fights? turf battles? property destruction?
I report this in a continuing effort to understand and relate the differences between north and south in California. My SoCal moment was when I finally had my 310 cellphone number changed to 916 but I never stamped it on my forehead or any other conspicuous place. Stay tuned for reports on the consequences.

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NC said...


Bumper stickers, even your run of the mill "My son/daughter is an honor student..." are in my opinion, abhorrent. I'd advise him immediately to remove them. I myself see all kinds of public displays of this ilk. My non-favorites especially are the adhesive "rest in peace" declarations that are so common in the LA area. I'm sorry for your loss, but frankly, I don't give a damn.

Although I myself am forced to display a parking sticker on both front and rear windows, I'd suggest to you that stickers are best left on the refrigerator.

I'm sure your 20-year old will cope with any circumstances he might encounter as a result of "sticker ambiguity".

If I could remedy this quid pro quo, it would be a sticker that read "Keep it off the glass...No one wants to see it, dumbass".