Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pink Sheep

I don’t like myself when I rant because it feels like a lapse of character. In fact, it probably is a lapse of character but is it better to deny my weaknesses, swallow my frustration and seethe or just let it out since I am probably the only person deluded enough to believe that I appear strong, resolute and confident in my judgments.

I spent the lunch hour at my desk today and as a result was looking for items on the web when two of my co-workers begin discussing the divisiveness among politicians today. Why are Republicans ragging on Democrats and vice versa. They are nice ladies but it drives me crazy to listen to them. I had to interject that I had only heard Democrats ragging on Republicans. They vehemently disagreed based on evidence undisclosed and moved on to say that there should have been a disaster plan. I interjected again that there was one and more to the point it had been tested recently and found wanting. The needed corrections were never made and even more damning, the plan was not implemented by NO officials. I emailed them links to a news article citing ABC news reporting on the plan.

One said, “Oh, that is interesting”. The other said. “I don’t follow blogs because you can’t trust them to be factual”. Apparently news from MSM sources is no longer credible after going electronic. She was so self-righteous as she told me this, there was nothing to do but shrug my shoulders. She loves Prairie Home Companion but, of course, there is no opinion there. No opinion on NPR where she gets her information.

I have been struggling to find a way to accept and respond to intelligent, educated, good-hearted, well-meaning, economically illiterate and information-stunted people like this. I am still clueless.

Bill Whittle has helped me sort this out and accept my inability to influence their thinking. They are sheep and not just sheep. They are pink sheep.

Bill disclaims being a hero as do I. But I do believe in accountability and responsibility. I will take care of myself and my family and I have learned to detest what the government has done to cripple the human spirit through public education, regulation, healthcare, welfare and now disaster recovery.

Is this the dilemma of democracy? Are the sheepdogs fated for muzzles and chains to give comfort and satisfaction to the sheep, who will always be the majority? Will the very people who benefit from their competence and commitment always ridicule grays?

I think the answer is yes. It is a result of the very nature of human beings.
Thanks Bill. I will now accept this situation as one beyond my ability to change and challenge myself to be the best gray sheepdog I can be.

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