Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where do they go next?

Now that the California legislature has protected us from the terrible dangers of unregulated vending machines on school campuses, where do they go next. There are so many risks and so little time. California is on a downward spiral. Businesses cannot afford to continue operating here. Unions and bureaucracies control every aspect of our lives. Non-accountable appointees tell us we can't have power plants or transmission lines; intead they will tell us when they don't want us to use electricity using expensive new metering devices and raise the price until we pay attention.
And what do they do for us - these highly-paid professional politicians held in place by a corrupt political agenda for design of election districts......

But I digress. You can probably guess where these folks will go next to protect us lowly citizens unable to deal with life. There are risks all around us and we, of course, are too stupid to deal with them. Parents couldn't possibly be expected to raise their children by themselves. School vending machines are only the tip of the iceberg. Erik H has their number.

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