Thursday, November 17, 2005

Freedom of the Press on the Line

Stephen S. points to Stephen Green as he considers the evolution of war in the 20th and now 21st centuries.

What I didn't see then - but what I do see today - is what "taking the initiative" really means.
it means communications and propaganda and has consequences.

It means, fighting a media war. It means, turning the enemy's one great strength into our own. Broadcast words, sounds, and images are the arm of decision in today's world.

He thinks that if MSM is responssible for losing the war on terror, the public will rebel and freedom of the press will be ended.

When a nation loses a war, it looks to punish the people it believes are to blame. After Vietnam, neither Washington nor our Armed Forces were ever the same again3. But if we lose this Terror War, our media will be seen as largely to blame. They'll suffer blame for their ignorance and for their petulance. They'll suffer blame for seeing al Jazeera as comrades closer than the privates and NCOs and officers fighting to protect the First Amendment. They'll suffer blame for putting their hatred of a Republican President before their love of country. Whether that assessment is fair or not, it is how the public will see things.

I don't know if it will get that far but I think if they accomplish their goal, we will be in such deep s*** that it won't matter.

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