Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Proposition 73

Using Technorati I picked up some blog posts about prop 73

seems most concerned that parental control of minor children could endanger a woman's right to choose.

Greengabbro says letting parents know that their daughter is having an abortion is hideously bad policy.

115.org explains why. It defines a fetus as an unborn child. Clearly a hideous policy.

Highwayscribery says that Beverly Hills activists at a recent ballot party felt,
.......... which only served to point up the shoddy drafting of a conservative measure most present were convinced was designed to discourage doctors and health clinics from performing such procedures.

Theocracy not being much in favor among those gathered, the “straw vote” on this particular item was 15 against and 2 in favor

For the record I am voting for.

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