Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where can you go?

I hope that this is a premature chicken little attitude but before the recall, I was convinced that California was doomed. I believed that the state economy was entering a death spiral where businesses and investments would flee the over-regulation, over-taxation and failing government services choking the private sector. Apparently a majority of Californians agreed because we got rid of Davis for the more appealing Arnold.

Then he made the big mistake. He conspired with Democrats to paper over the crisis and gave shortsighted sybarites (arguably the majority of Californians) room to shrug their shoulders and defeat from disinterest, the reforms Arnold early on insisted were essential to put California right. The economy rebounded. Job flight was reduced. But only temporarily and the shoes are beginning to drop.

...And Californians went back to their Alfred E. Newman 'What? Me worry' attitude.

OK, I had hope for a while that the California I found in 1970 could return, but I am beyond all that now. What I want to know now is where can you go? No state has California's climate and beauty. Nevada is dog ugly. Arizona is hot (and has no ocean). I am thinking Oregon. Anyone else getting ready to bail? What are you thinking?

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