Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ruling from Weakness

The retreat of the Senate lead by a majority of Republican senators demonstrates the sorry state of this country. Despite a re-elected President with a mandate to fight this war on terror wherever it might take us, a one-note vendetta from the left and MSM has dissolved the spines of our Republican elected officials. What can one make of this retreat? How to understand the reasoning behind the revolt?

I am beyond words at this outrage. Vichy France had more principles than this Senate. And without an occupying army to threaten them. I am finished with making fun of the French, when our Republican leaders make them look courageous.

The details about the Senate resolution from Bloomberg.

The Anchoress had this to say:

I am no fan of the GOP Senate. I think they are to a one useless, meandering, and too concerned with their own re-elections, and I will not cut them some slack as I was admonished to do yesterday, because they have not earned my slack, they have earned my suspicion, my lack-of-faith, my raised eyebrow and my curled lip.

Andy at Residual Forces said,

Now is the time for those of us who still believe in America and Freedom to stand up to those who care not for such things, when their own self interests are at risk. We need to remind them that America has an old promise to fulfill. Not one made by the faint at heart. A promise for the ages. A promise made to those who could not stand up for themselves. One that should never be forgotten, or turned on. Those of us who still have faith in the dream and hope of freedom for all, must make sure that America will follow through on an old promise made by a President a long time ago.

Hugh has the phone numbers for Frist, Warner and McConnell and some comments from the left, gleeful about the retreat.

Let them know if you are displeased and cut off the money.

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