Monday, October 31, 2005

Gang of Fourteen Breaking Down

Senator DeWine had this to say about filibusters on Hugh Hewitt's show today.
Oh, I absolutely do. I mean, this is not under what our definition of extraordinary circumstances is. This is a nomination that's clearly within the mainstream of conservative judges. This is someone who has a long, distinguished record, someone who I would classify as kind of a classic conservative justice, who believes you should decide each case one at a time, you should not be a judicial activist, you should not be intrusive, that a judge should kind of sit back, wait for that case to come, and then make a decision on the case, but not be really a legislator. And really, that's what this judge's record would, at least seem to me, to show.

RadioBlogger has the transcript.
With Senator Graham on record as well, Democrat ability to filibuster is fading fast.

Charmaine agrees.

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