Thursday, October 13, 2005

Apoplectic no longer.

I have been driven nearly mad by the discordant rants from conservatives asserting the disaster to come from Harriet Miers becoming a Supreme. Why are so many of the conservative elite so strident in their condemnation of Mier’s qualifications and the Presidents judgment? Surely they understand the damage to the President and his ability to implement his programs. Surely they will accept his nomination.
But no, they continue and become ever more shrill.

First, I denounced them all. A pox on all their houses. Who needs them? Get lost! Shove off! Where were you when Ginsberg was nominated?

But, then the light bulb lit,………….
Karl Rove.

I thought he was so occupied with the Plame affair that his talons were sheathed. ….

But maybe that is what we are supposed to think.

What better cover could there be? Surely only Rove could have coordinated such a masterful rebellion against the President involving nearly the whole panoply of conservative talking heads viciously attacking the President’s choice and dividing the GOP. No wonder the White House doesn’t defend the nomination.

What genius! What brilliance! What teamwork!

When conservatives attack the Miers nomination, the poor Democrats have no choice. They must support.

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