Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I support the President and Harriet Miers

George Bush is not my prefect president. He is, however, a better man than this nation deserves. One area where he has stood firm is with his judicial appointments. Without firm support from a limp wristed Senate, he has managed to get some outstanding new judges on the federal bench and a home run new Chief Justice. Now he has nominated Harriet Miers for a position on the Supreme Court and both he and his nominee get crucified, not by the ACLU or liberal Democrats but by Republican politicians and conservative pundits.
I am fed up with this backbiting by people who want to be thought important and don't care about the impact of what they are doing.
I would not have a clue about selecting a Supreme Court Justice. Thankfully, I do not have to because we have a President who has demonstrated that he does have a clue.
I want everybody to shut up and let the Senate hearings proceed.
Lowell at HedgeHog Blog is a lawyer and has some good observations about the critics of this nominee. Like this..
Wow. If you support the president on the Miers nomination you're blind; if you oppose him, you're still loyal to the president, but you can see - better than the president himself can. The anti-Miers people are the ones truly loyal to GWB. They're just trying to save him from himself.

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Given today's news that Ms. Miers has withdrawn, I thank her for being a good soldier and wish her well.

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