Friday, October 28, 2005

My Last Post on Miers

My take on the Conservative Borking of Ms. Miers is this.
I thought there was a conservative team that was fighting upstream for 25 years to turn this country around. I thought we were making good progress but have a long way to go and that we are a long way from governing from strength and conviction since we don't have a conservative majority in the Senate despite having a small Republican majority. I thought our President was a proven master at moving his agenda forward and that he deserved our support with the Miers nomination and the basis of his record on judicial appointments.

Well I know now that I was wrong. There is a team but I am not on it. I am a mere dolt with not enough wisdom or judgment to know how dumb the President is. My judgement (and incidentally, the President's) is worth nothing to what AJSTRATA calls the pureblood conservatives.

Fine. I know better now. It's just like getting picked for a team on the school playground. I'm not good enough.

Well, it works both ways. I thought there was some value in having the 'purebloods' on my team. I thought they were good sources of information and informed judgement about things political

Now I know that they are not. I don't need to listen to them or buy their publications and I certainly know that, not breathing the rarefied air at the higher levels where they operate their insights and judgements are worthless to me.

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